Child's nursery and playroom

Welcome to our House!

A Safe and Secure Site for Nursery and Preschool

We at Little Munchkins Huntingdon Ltd take great pride in our home, providing safe and secure Nursery and Preschool Facilities. We very much understand that a tidy and organised environment will reflect well upon a child’s mind and behaviour; therefore, our staff continually work around the clock to ensure that it is both clean and safe for your children.

Children also develop best under safe and secure conditions, where they do not feel under any pressure or stress from physical obstacles that may challenge them because they are small. We are situated in a very secure area, our site equipped with appropriate monitoring and alarm systems. These small things help us protect our Little Munchkins of Huntingdon from any outside dangers.

And of course, we try to give our Nursery and Preschool settings as much as a home feel as possible. The rooms are always warm, the cushions are always fluffy, and the toys are always within reach. Our facilities offer a number of features designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of little ones as they play together and grow together.

Our Facilities Feature:


  • Fully-enclosed and sectioned areas for different age categories.
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements for nap time.
  • Loads of toys to play with during leisure time.
  • Plenty of books to read during story time.
  • A spacious day room which also serves as a cafeteria.
  • An on-site kitchen where home-cooked meals are readily made.
  • Children’s bathrooms with height-appropriate toilets and sinks.
  • Sanitised potty training facilities and equipment.
  • Large area for parking prams and buggies on premises.
  • Help and security desk overlooking isolated nursery areas.
  • Alarmed front doors and secure entrances.


If you have any questions regarding our facilities, please feel free to email us. You can also call us at 07702273757 or arrange a visit to our site at St. Barnabas, Medway Road, Huntingdon, PE291SF.