Kids running enjoying summer

Let’s Make Learning Fun!

We at Little Munchkins believe that the best educational experience are those that fully engage the children both physically and mentally. We provide a wide range of activities for children and we make sure they have daily access to outside play area.

Our days are scheduled so we can make sure children learn by playing and enjoying a safe and happy environment. We work along Early Years Foundation Stage guideline to make sure children progress and develop best they can.

Some Experiences We Provide:


  • Carefully selected art and crafting activities.
  • Group story time and reading sessions.
  • Activities involving basic maths.
  • Group playtime involving age-appropriate games.
  • Group sing song sessions with cultural background.
  • Special events centred around holidays and occasions.
  • Special outings, weather and schedule permitting
  • Follow-on potty training to support home efforts.
  • Informative documentation of children’s early-year progress.
  • Individual child feedback on daytime activities.