The Kids’ Menu

children or kids group eating ice cream

More Fuel For Fun!

All children, including our own little munchkins, need plenty of fuel to keep playing and learning throughout the day. We at Little Munchkins understand that eating healthily is an important concern for every parent, and we do our best to make sure those good habits continue, even when the little ones are away from home.

All our meals are included in price of the chosen session. We offer breakfast, lunch with pudding and dinner. Light snacks, including fruit, as well as drinks are available throughout the day. We promote healthy eating and all our delicious lunches and dinners are homemade and include nutritious vegetable.

Healthy eating and lifestyle is a cooperative effort between the parents and the school house, so please let us know everything we need to make sure your children get the best eating experience possible!

Some Food Services We Provide:


  • Staff Certified to Level 2 in Food Safety and Catering.
  • Plenty of breakfast foods for early risers.
  • Fruits to give children extra playtime energy.
  • Freshly-made soups for our light eaters.
  • Small healthy snacks throughout the day.
  • Home-cooked lunches and dinners made on site.
  • A variety of drinks with healthiness taking priority.
  • Staff updates on individual child eating habits.